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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
Today I got a free collapsible water container & a few seeds to plant (which I gave to my grandmother).

As I have been scrolling, I have noticed that a lot of people are considering going vegetarian. This is awesome! I don’t know what motivated them to do it, but I know that there is a huge veggie family that will back them in their journey (myself included).

Earth Day, go veg! The posts I have read motivate me to continue on my own vegetarian journey until I can finally reach veganism.

Tumblr Shame

I showed a few people my tumblr page & it was filled with morning fitblr, clean foods & muscle goodness. The expressions on their faces made me feel so awkward. Am I weird for liking fitness? Lol. I feel like the odd ball out.

When I think about it, they may have been uncomfortable looking at half naked people lifting heavy things, haha.

One day, I will be in a picture that gets shown to other people’s friends!! One day!!

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